Once a prostitute…

ImageRahab is not the typical lady you would want to fall in love with on a good day. She was a scarlet woman, one who makes ends meet by sleeping with men of different sizes and status. She has the contacts of political leaders and first-hand information of what is happening in town. She however had a strong reason why she decided to be a prostitute in the first place; yet, no reason is strong enough to be an excuse for indulging in such kind of business you would say. One day she saw a beautiful opportunity to stop trading her body for money; the Israelites were coming to town to survey the wall of Jericho where she resides. Her people would do anything to kill the representatives and she would do everything to protect these young men. Despite the view of the society on the type of job she does, inside her is still a large and beautiful heart. She protected the Israelite men from the attack of her people and she ended up saving her life and those of her relatives when the Israelites eventually came to destroy the land on their way to the promise land. One of the Israelite men fell for her large heart and married her. A woman of her tribe and with such career was a taboo to the people of Israel but she was an exceptional case because she was instrumental to the Israelites getting to their promise land.

Tamar prostituted herself with her father-in-law Judah to get a child of her own. She was initially treated unjustly by her in-laws due to the death of her husband and sent packing, promising to call her back when her late husband’s brother is of marriageable age. She later discovered that she had been deceived and to fight for herself, she disguised like a harlot to seduce her father-in-law. When discovered, people hated and scorned her but Judah; her father-in-law realized he had wronged her greatly by punishing her initially for what was not her fault. He accepted her kids (a set of twins), brought her back into his home not as a wife but as a daughter-in-law to wipe away her shame. He never stopped thanking her for giving him kids whose lineage Jesus Christ emanated from.

A lot of times, we look down on people because they have a past the society is not proud of. What would have become the fate of Ruth if Boaz had looked down on her like ‘a second-hand’ woman because she was once married to someone else? Her people were even forbidden to be married to God’s people because her ancestry is a product of the abominable act between Lot and one of his daughters. Ruth however had great virtues; she was hardworking and loving, little wonder she became the great grandmother of King David.

Why do you keep condemning the one God has forgiven? Why look down on a single parent as if she is worth nothing again? Bathsheba had an illicit affair with David yet God forgave her and made her son king after the demise of King David. Jesus told those that brought the adulterous woman for punishment to be the first to cast a stone against her if they were all without sin. Some prostitutes are wallowing in their filthy lifestyles because they feel no one will ever love them again the way they deserve to be loved. Some were victims of rape while they were young; others were lured into it unconsciously. Some are even on a mission to spread HIV to any man available having contacted same via rape. Until you hear their story, I dare you not to judge them. Have you tried reaching out to them with words of hope and love with the aim of helping them re-trace their steps to their maker? Many a times we have ‘prostituted’ ourselves when we desire to go to bed with someone else other than our spouse, but God forgives us each time we run back to him so who are we to judge someone else?

We do not love truly if we cannot love unconditionally like God. It does not matter if she has aborted before, she deserves to love and be loved again. You may say it is not easy for you to reach out to them; your prayers for them will go a long way. You can also donate to NGOs that cater for prostitutes like the Real Woman Foundation and others.

Save a soul today, a future president or reformer may need to be ‘birthed’ by that prostitute you’re condemning. We need more men like Boaz, Salmon (Rahab’s husband) and Prophet Hosea who will love their spouses deeply and wholly despite their ugly past. She may be a prostitute to you today but her creator may need her to bless destinies tomorrow. I value you greatly!

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Bleeding Scar

ImageEveryone in Grace Chapel adores Lily where she is a worship leader. People always look forward to worship sessions led by her because God’s presence is always felt by her ministrations. Not only is she anointed, she is also beautiful, tall and slim and she is fondly described by her close friends. Everyone was looking forward to the blessed man that would have her hand in marriage and yes Lily accepted Paul’s proposal. Paul was envied by all eligible bachelors because it was not too long that he joined the Chapel that he proposed to Lily and she accepted almost immediately as if she had been waiting for him all her life. Their courtship period was memorable as they had chance to visit great places, attend life-changing seminars and of course go through the mandatory marriage counseling sessions. The counseling sessions opened them up to a lot of things. The courtship was already a year old and both have met each other’s parents.

They were at the last stage of the counseling session when the Counselor asked them if they had information which is very vital to their relationship that has not yet been revealed to each other. Paul had almost a clean slate as he would put it, still a virgin at the age of twenty-nine and he has promised to remain so till he gets married, so he expects his wife-to-be to be same. Lily however said she may have one or two things Paul need to know about her and she promise to tell him after the counseling session. It’s not going to be a big deal after all, she has always been a ‘church girl’, Paul muttered to himself. He however was in for a rude shock when Lily told him the most kept secret she never reveals to outsiders.

“I have a ten year old son. I had him at the age of fifteen. I was just a victim of circumstance. Armed robbers attacked our house, not only were my parents shot, I was also raped. I was rushed to the hospital after the incident to be taken care of. I don’t know what went wrong, it just happened that we later found out that I was pregnant as a result of the rape; my mum who had lost my dad due to the attack could not bear to have me go through abortion. I had to carry the baby to full term. My baby boy Hosea lives with my aunt in Ghana, I only go to see him once or twice a year. My family decided that he should be with my aunt so as not to be hunted by the memories surrounding his birth”, she said concluding her story.

Paul was speechless for so long, it was written all over his face that he was not happy with what he just heard. “I had always wanted to marry a virgin”, he lamented. He was not only disappointed that his fiancée is not a virgin, but that she was raped and also has a child out of wedlock? That sounds so terrible indeed. He really needs time to think about it. And he did think about it and came to the conclusion that he cannot marry Lily any longer.

It was a terrible time for Lily as she found it so hard to believe that Paul would leave her on account of a past she has no control over. She was devastated and heartbroken.

Lily, you don’t need to apologize over a past you have no control over. All you need to do is appreciate your creator for a beautiful tomorrow already promised. Not every man is man-enough to groom you. Someone has been specially equipped to accept you the way you are. For every Ruth, there is “a” Boaz waiting for her who will no longer remember her dirty past. If God in His infinite mercy decide not to remember your past anymore, who is that man that still condemns you? The adulterous woman was condemned but Jesus refused to condemn her with a warning to go and sin no more.

Naomi’s closest relation who was supposed to marry Ruth wouldn’t accept her because he couldn’t take his eyes away from her scar (Ruth 4:1-6). Anyone that wants to tear open your healing wound should not be allowed to come near you. This is because they will end up bringing back dried tears.

Let the bleeding of your scar stop, refuse to be stigmatized, wipe your tears, someone better is coming your way who will no longer remember your dirty past or hold you accountable for it.