The Playboy


Richie has been lying sick for almost two months now. He has been transferred from one hospital to the other and all the result of tests conducted by doctors came out clean. The source of his sickness has not been discovered. The doctors all claim the results showed nothing wrong with him; yet he knows all things are wrong with him. He can’t eat….can’t sit up for long and of recent he has been having problems with his speech. A doctor actually advised him to seek spiritual help, so he has decided to send for his Pastor who has just returned from one of his missionary assignments around the world.

As his Pastor saw him, he had compassion on him. He held his hand to pray for him but couldn’t say anything, his lips did not move neither did his heart communicate with God. Pastor Philips opened his eyes, takes a good look at Richie, the head of Protocols and one of the most eligible bachelors in church. “Is there something, I need to know about your past? Is there someone you need his/her forgiveness?” Richie looked back at his Pastor with tears in his eyes. “I think I have a confession to make.”

Some few years back…..Richie has been one of the guys in vogue in the University. Handsome, rich, outspoken …he has his ways with girls that stir up his emotions…. Precious, a fresh student however gave him a tough time. Not only is she strict, she also has principles and he was bent on getting her. He used all the tactics he knew to get close to her to no avail. He invited her to his birthday night party yet she declined, telling him she doesn’t go for late night events.

This is Richie, one of the biggest boys in school who always have his way in all things. He contacted Precious’ best friend, tipped her and gave her the assignment…”Precious must come for my birthday party…more reward if you succeed”.

Precious appeared at Richie’s birthday party, all thanks to her room mate and friend, Betty. A game plan has been hatched, unknown to Betty. Precious’ was drugged and not too long from then, she was alone with Richie, the game master planner. The rest is left to be imagined, she was raped. She lost her virginity in a very horrible way. Betty felt so bad; she never knew that was the original plan. 

Few weeks after that Precious discovered she was pregnant and reported the case to her friend who immediately alerted Richie who of course was not ready to be a father. Precious would not hear of abortion despite how Richie pleaded with her. He tried all his might to make up with her only to deceive her to visit his doctor who will help check the state of the pregnancy and prescribe drugs that will sustain her health. Precious fell for it again as she was given some contents to swallow at the hospital, not knowing the doctor was quack and what she swallowed was meant to abort the baby.

Betty had to alert Precious’ parents when she started bleeding profusely. She was rushed to a private clinic where her womb had to be operated on. Doctor had bad news for Precious and her parents. Her womb has been ruptured so it had to be removed.

Precious woke up to the reality of what has happened to her. She cried uncontrollably for seven days and on the seventh day, she rose early as one am, stripped herself naked and cursed Richie.

Precious never went back to that school and Richie took to his heels because the police were after him for the havoc caused to Precious. Not only did he rape her, he also damaged her womb by forcefully aborting her baby.

Few years down the lane, Richie attended a program that changed his life; he forsook his bad ways and became a Christian. Not too long he started having strange dreams about Precious, in each nightmare; he would see her crying and cursing him. Each time he wakes up from his dream, he usually feels so heavy, sad and depressed. Prior to his illness, he has been having nightmares of her almost every day, the last one he had before falling ill was terrible, Precious actually threatened him in the dream saying, “you will never enjoy your life anymore same way you made my life miserable”. He was rushed to the hospital after waking up from the nightmare with terrible pains all over his body.

Pastor Philips looks straight into Richie’s eyes and told him, “Your healing begins when Precious forgives you, so try all you can to reach out to her even if it means searching the entire world”.

Every phase of our lives is important and how we live today determines how we face tomorrow. When we give out lives to God, He forgives us our sins but there are some past that needs to be amended or corrected. Oh, Richie may not be able to correct the past but he needs the forgiveness of someone he had wrongly hurt in the past. Don’t intentionally hurt someone on your way to see tomorrow because they may hold the key that opens the door of your tomorrow.

Richie worked for the curse he earned from precious. Precious curses on him worked because there has been a blood covenant between them via the sex (rape). Richie could get deliverance from the curse but it begins with him being forgiven by Precious.

For every Mr. Flirt, Handsome and Richie out there don’t forcefully get what you are not given, don’t bet on any girl to prove a point because you may get the girl but lose your future peace and rest.



BItter-Sweet Goodbye

ImageLaide really has to make up her mind, it’s either she let go of Ayo or continue to experience tears and emotional stress all the time. She loves this guy so much, and always pray that he would ask her out he did. Ayo is the ladies’ man, charming, outspoken and he is also a flirt.

The problem he has is his inability make up his mind on the type of woman he wants. He is talented, in fact, the leader of a popular band in town and Laide happens to be a member of same band. They have been singing together for years and as the year goes by, Laide has grown to love, respect and admire the way he leads and control the band, she just fell in love with his person. Ayo later came to notice her after scouting different girls around, he discovered he had been moving around with a treasure without realizing it. They started dating and Laide felt like the best woman on earth for he calls her “my queen” and a queen she really is except that she was engaged to the wrong king. Ayo never hide his interests to other women when he is together with Laide, he would eye and wink to other girls in the presence of his fiancée without shame or remorse. It got to a time that Laide would visit him and meet girls in his room. She could not bear it, she would cry and wail for days only for Ayo to beg her later that those girls are just mere friends with no strings attached.

Laide met with a relationship counselor who advised her to let go of the relationship and leave Ayo because he is a playboy who is not ready for a steady relationship at the moment. Laide did not want to hear that as she so much love her guy. On and off the relationship went, Laide got hurt more and more as she saw evidences of abortion that Ayo did for other girls.

Laide’s thought was filled with what people would say when they hear about her ‘broken’ relationship. She has invested so much in the relationship that letting go didn’t look like a good option. She however forgot that they were not yet married and that it is better to have a ‘broken’ courtship than a ‘broken’ marriage. She did not know that the period of dating or courtship helps one to critically assess the relationship whether it will stand the test of time or not. If all he does now is to make you cry and sad in your courtship, he may never be able to make you smile if you walk down the aisle with him. A guy that cannot keep his eyes off anything in skirt despite in a relationship will have a great challenge with fidelity when he gets married. A girl that cannot stop wishing your best friend is her man despite engaged to you will one day sleep with another man she admires more than you if the opportunity avails itself. If he/she is not satisfied with how beautiful or wonderful you are, there is no pint wasting your time hanging around such person. There is someone who will admire you just the way you are….I hope you are striving to be the best you can be.

Let go of bad relationship or association…don’t hang around where you are just tolerated…go where you are celebrated. There is a man/woman praying that someone like you should come to his/her life. Don’t waste your time loving someone who enjoys breaking your heart. Say goodbye to that ‘killing’ relationship. Walk away from that ‘heart breaking’ affair. Leave that guy who keeps abusing you daily. You may have some things you are gaining presently that wants to make you stay…you may be considering all that you have invested to make you never want to go. You need to put the future in focus when deciding about your relationship; will this person continue to make you happy seven years from now? Don’t believe he/she will change that attitude when you both get married, if he/she cannot change now, the change may never come in marriage, rather whatever the person is now has a way of multiplying in later years.

It may be a bitter farewell now but it will turn out to be a sweet decision tomorrow. Just kiss it goodbye, don’t even mourn or grieve about it, because you are better off without it. A lot of us have over stayed our welcome in some places and thus we have been treated like dirt where we are supposed to be celebrated. Learn how to read signs and handwritings on the wall, don’t beg to stay where you are not needed…arise and go where your potentials are in high demand. There is so much deposits in you, don’t waste away wishing your yesterday was different, you have your today to work on and your tomorrow to plan for. Stop dating someone who is competing with your daily success. Associate with someone who completes and encourages you. Relationship is a team work; it is not a fight for survival of the fittest. Bid farewell to habits that is chaining you down from moving forward. Make a great decision today…it may taste bitter now….it will turn out sweet tomorrow!

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