When Forgiveness Seem Difficult – Empowered Emotions EP.4

IMG_0109I shared my story of how I struggled to forgive my ex who abused me emotionally. is it possible to forgive the hurt of the past you keep remembering always? Are there health implications attached to UN-forgiveness? Hear some of the findings of medical doctors about UN-forgiveness.

Included in this podcast are great thoughts of great leaders you admire on forgiveness. This podcast is super loaded. Download, listen and share. Let me get your feedback too.


What is Your Partner’s Love Language?

screen-20150729-104129Today, we look at your partner’s love language



Welcome to EMPOWERED EMOTIONS podcast episode 2 titled ‘What is your Partner’s Love Language?’. If you think episode 1 was cool then you need to listen to episode 2 because it is the bomb. I highlighted how you can discover your partner’s love language and one love language that we all are vulnerable to.

Did you know that God has a love language and that love language makes us all vulnerable? Listen to it, download it, share it with friends and let me have your feedback.


Help! My Spouse is moving in opposite direction….

  ‘Can two Individuals walk in same direction without first agreeing to do so? ‘- Prophet Amos

It is so frustrating to be married to someone who doesn’t believe in your vision or dream. It is energy draining to be soul knitted to someone who doesn’t see the future you paint and anticipate. Nothing is as beautiful as having a partner/spouse who is your number one cheerleader. It is great synergy to have a lover who watches your back as you go to the field to do what you are called to do; what you are specifically configured for.

I put it to you that it is pertinent to have purpose before partner. It is better to know the future you anticipate before you ‘drag’ in your future partner into the picture. You may need to ask Mary who ‘wombed’ the Messiah how frustrating it was initially when her spouse Joseph didn’t initially believe her purpose of birthing the Messiah. God your creator knows you need a supporting spouse to function well and finish strong. This He proved when He threw all His weight behind Moses’ wife Zipporoah when she was criticized and victimized by her in-laws for belonging to a tribe God instructed them not to marry from. Now wait, it was this same God that instructed Moses’ tribe not to marry from Midian where Zipporoah emanated from. It was Zipporoah’s father that housed and catered from Moses when he fled from Egypt because the enthroned Pharaoh was after his life for defending the people of Israel. Moses needed to stay away from the public for a while to prepare him for the great task ahead of delivering the children of Israel from captive. Zipporoah’s father, Jethro not only provided the place of abode for Moses but also gave him his blessings for him to marry his daughter.

While courting, Moses took time out to explain his vision to Zipporoah, he told her how he awaits a time when his people would be delivered from the captive; how it would happen however remain clueless to him. Zipporoah believed his vision despite having a ‘foreign’ origin.

Fast forward to the burning bush experience; it was time for Moses to go deliver his people from the slave master and guess what he got his wife’s support and blessings and I am sure she kept praying while Moses went ahead to challenge Pharaoh (phew!)

Fast forward to when the nation of Israel got their freedom and was on their way to their promise land, Moses’ siblings scorned and despised Moses for marrying from a forbidden tribe. It was a slap on Moses’ face and that of his spouse; but guess what? God was so proud of all the support that Zipporoah gave her husband all through and He had no choice than to punish Moses’ siblings for their insolence. God knows it is suicidal to go on a mission or embark on a vision whose success has many lives attached to it without YOU having the full support of your soul mate; this is critical. There is so much to share on this topic …

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What is Your Love Language?

Welcome to Emotions with Grace Festus. Today, I talk about, ask you a question, What is Your Love Language? In this premier episode, I try to define LOVE and went further to make you understand that you can’t love someone else the way he/she deserved to be loved if you don’t love yourself fully. I also gave some indicators that can help you identify your love language. Listen and enjoy!

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Loving the unloving Spouse

Leah by circumstance found herself in the house of Jacob. She was married to Jacob who didn’t love her but loved her younger sister instead. The sad part of it is that Jacob did not hide it to Leah that she was not wanted or needed around him. Leah remained unloved by her husband even after giving birth to male children for him. This means for every good deed or service Leah renders at home, she is never appreciated by her husband. He never comments on her beauty neither does he notice when she has a good dress on yet Leah was patient, she maintained her calmness and never gave up on herself because she was rejected by her husband.

Abigail was another woman who suffered emotional abuse from her husband. Her husband Nabal was bad with words. He talked anyhow even to David the warrior who killed Goliath; so it was not a big deal to him to molest his wife with words and actions. A lot of women and men today have found themselves in marriages where their spouse has stopped loving them. Some are at the verge of throwing in the towel. Just before you give up on that marriage, please remember all the investments you have put in.

A word for singles here; please be observant in your courtship. If you’re in courtship with someone and you notice that his/her love for you has diminished, don’t overlook it. Call for a meeting between you two and talk about it like adults. A lot of couples have managed relationships that need to be done away with and have headed for the aisle instead of being a little more patient to know whether there is a future for such relationship.

Now back to the married couple, I have a word here for the unloved spouse. Love is patient. God saw how Leah was treated badly and honored her, He preserved her life and made her to be buried where Patriachs in her husband’s lineage where buried while her husband’s other wife died prematurely. Abigail’s husband was killed by God for treating Abigail and other people wrongly. Abigail was then able to marry King David, man who loved and cared for her (I Samuel 25). Woman, God sees your pain, he sees how badly hurt you are in that marriage. Man, God sees how badly your wife treats you and he is displeased.

A word of caution here: if you are physically abused in that relationship, please cry out for help because your case may need temporal/permanent separation. Physical abuse is awful and has led to death of many people.

God will not forget your labour of love; He will plead your cause and your latter end will be sweet. If in the end your spouse does not change and you feel divorce is the best option, please seek audience with a seasoned marriage counselor before you make your final decision. Above all, find ways to make yourself happy, be friends with people who bring out the best in you. Your end will be seasoned with laughter.

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