Conflict Resolution in Relationships – Ep. 9


You may need to make that call

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Or make a personal visit to that friend, sibling, parent or ‘bestie’ who you had a feud or quarrel with after listening to my latest pod cast ‘Conflict Resolution in Relationship’.

The reason is because people do bad things with good intentions and the reason you are not in good terms with that person is because s/he may be arguing with you or misunderstand you because s/he is operating based on his/her model of the world. I also had my own share of experience with my ‘bestie’, now I know better.

In this pod cast, I shared about the Grammy Award Nominated Angie Stone who had an altercation with her daughter Diamond and resulted into Angie being jailed for physical assault on her daughter.

It is okay not to agree with a point of view of your loved one but how you communicate it can make you win the battle and still lose the war. This is my best pod cast yet and I need you to listen to it.

Here’s episode 9 of Empowered Emotions. Today I share with you how to handle conflict in your relationships.

Conflict resolution is a skill you need to learn as you build a happy, healthy relationship. Learn how as you listen to this episode.


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