What is Your Partner’s Love Language?

screen-20150729-104129Today, we look at your partner’s love language



Welcome to EMPOWERED EMOTIONS podcast episode 2 titled ‘What is your Partner’s Love Language?’. If you think episode 1 was cool then you need to listen to episode 2 because it is the bomb. I highlighted how you can discover your partner’s love language and one love language that we all are vulnerable to.

Did you know that God has a love language and that love language makes us all vulnerable? Listen to it, download it, share it with friends and let me have your feedback.


What is Your Love Language?

Welcome to Emotions with Grace Festus. Today, I talk about, ask you a question, What is Your Love Language? In this premier episode, I try to define LOVE and went further to make you understand that you can’t love someone else the way he/she deserved to be loved if you don’t love yourself fully. I also gave some indicators that can help you identify your love language. Listen and enjoy!

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